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"Door Openers"
"Door of Revelation"
"Greatest Door Of Healing"
"Doors open or closed?"
"Doors of Prosperity"
"The Windows of Heaven Are Open"

God's Financial Plan

Our New Financial Partner
Key to divine Wealth
Proper Attitude to Prosperity
Where it all begins
The Assay
Dominion Over All He Owns
"Peace - Promotion - Prosperity"
Peace - Promotion - Prosperity

The Missing Link Of Faith

1. Pregnant First
2. Bounce Back
3. A New Image "Seated"

4. A New Image "Ye Were"

5. A New Image "Under My Feet"
6. A New Image "A Miracle Machine"
7. "Don’t forget to save your soul"
8. The Greatest need of the church
9. One thing is needful
7 steps:" How fight the good fight of faith"
7 Steps to the good fight. pt1
How to fight the good fight pt2
How to fight the good fight pt3
Keep the Shield of Faith Up
You Had Better Not Doubt Pt.1
You Had Better Not Doubt Pt.2
Make No Provision For The Flesh
Always see the answer
Stagger Not
Now Faith "Faith for the last days"
1. Faith for Perilous Times
2. Faith In Tormentors
3. Key to health and healing
4. Faith has come
5. Purpose of confession
6. Undeniable Signs
7. End Time Faith Example
8. Strong & Doing Exploits
9. The Bold Testimony of the Redeemed
10. It's His Way or the Highway
Identifying our enemies and overcoming them
Rewards Of Confidence
Identifying & Overcoming Unbelief
Angering God & Being Disqualified

1. The Conclusion
2. Man’s Tradition
3. Staggering

Carefulness, False conclusion & Staggering.
Instability In Midst of Crisis
Failure to get God’s Plan
"Three types of offenses"
1. Three types of offenses
2. Monkeys in church
3. A conversation of wrath
4. Looking diligently for the Yoke
Things we do not pray for
Things we do not pray for
Courage in Him
A Manual for Living
Wake up people
Wake Up People II
Satan Remember this day, it will cost you
All the lost years God will repay
Taking our place in Him
From Lodebar to the Palace.
An Immutable Covenant
"Things we do need to pray about"
What Paul Said About Prayer.
What Jesus Said About Prayer. Part II
What Jesus Said About Prayer. Part I
  What Pray For Laborers & Needs
  Fresh Anointing
  What to pray for
"Living in Lawless Times"
1. Defining our time
2. Indestructible Church
3. Living holy in lawless times
4. Restoring our brother. Part 1 "6 Keys to purity"
5. Restoring our brother. Part 2 "7 points to restoration"
Pastor Why is my Faith not working?
1. The Bedrock of Faith
2. Have you got a problem with love
3. Failure to act on the Word
4. A Time of Testing
5. Failure to bridle the tongue
6. Failure to understand that confession brings possession
7. Not knowing what belongs to you
8. Satan hath hindered you. part I
9. Satan hath hindered you part II "You must be aggressive"
10. You Doubted
Wealth Without Works
1. Wealth Without Works
2. Potiphar Principle
3. The Shadow Says:
"No Poor Among You"
4. Releasing 5 Keys to the Kingdom
5. The Measure
6. Seed Potential
7. The Ritual for Giving
8. How to Use Worldly Wealth
  9. 2 Unchangeable Laws of prosperity
10. Closing the Deal - I Will Resist Fear - I Will Yield to Obedience
Take It Back Says Heaven
Taking it Back
Law of Retribution Pt.1
Law of Retribution Pt. 2
On the Road to Taking It Back
A Spiritual Adult Worshiping God
Living in the Wilderness
Moving out of the Wilderness by Facing the Wall of Our Greatest Fears & Excuses
Face No Giant. No Promised Land
Your Exceeding Great Reward

1. Grace: Pt. 1
2. Grace: Pt. 2
3. The Blessing of Abraham
4. Grace Versus Legalism
5. Called Unto Liberty
Jesus Faith
1. What is it?
2. What is it? Pt. 2
3. What is it? Pt. 3
4. What is it? Pt. 4
5. How Do We Get It?
6. Hearing the Right Words
7. Seed Time - Planting Time
  8. Corresponding Action
The Spirit of Man
God’s Candle
Force of Faith
Reality of Righteousness
Force of Wisdom
Love’s Rule
Selfish Ones
Developing the Spirit Man
Ever Striving, Never Arriving
God’s Creative Ability
Success or Failure
The Integrity of God’s Word
The Word Prevailed
The Word Prevailed Pt.2
The Word Prevailed Pt.3
Doers and Non-Doers
What the Church Must See
Doers and Non-Doers Pt.2
Subtle Suggestions Causing Deception
Recognizing the Devil
You are at Risk
Balancing Our Interpretations
Balancing Our Interpretations Pt. 2
The Center of the Road
Balancing the Faith Message
Putting Yokes on Believers
The Unpardonable Sin
Balancing New Testament Healing
Those Who Lack Knowledge
Knowledge With Wisdom
The Law of the Spirit of Life
Resisting the Devil
Lack of Knowledge of how to be Led By the Spirit Pt. 1 & 2
Two Kinds of Faith
Sense Knowledge
Sense Knowledge Pt. 2
Sense Faith vs. Revelation Faith
Trial of Your Faith
Trial of Your Faith
Beguiled Pt. 1
Beguiled Pt. 2
She Saw Pt. 1
She Saw Pt. 2
Faith With Patience Inherits
Wear You down
Keys to the Book of Acts
Keys to the Book of Acts
Prayer and Boldness
The Word Pt. 1
The Word Pt. 2
The Living Word
Miracles, Signs, & Wonders
The Name in the Book of Acts Pt. 1
The Name in the Book of Acts Pt. 2
The Name in the Book of Acts Pt. 3
Holy Spirit
2 Kinds of Knowledge

Two Kinds of Knowledge Pt. 1

Two Kinds of Knowledge Pt. 2

The Unknown Fact of Identification

Identification with the Whole Man part 1
Identification with the Whole Man part 2
The Masters


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