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Got get it
  Series Faith: Go get it
Series Faith: Believing is with the heart
Forgiviness - All The Way
Series Faith: How to turn your faith loose
Series Faith: Hope Motivates Faith Takes Words
Series Faith: How Faith Comes
Series Faith: Faith What it is
Promise Land
Spirit Of Faith
Excercising Godliness. Part 3
Excercising Godliness. Part 1
The Two Revealings
Speak to the Rock
What have we done with Love - Our Commandment
Character Of Faith
What's This I hear?
Sovereign Authority
The Law of The Name
When Things Do Not Work
The Law of the New Creation
Most Important reasons to Speak in Tongues. Part 2.
Most Important reasons to Speak in Tongues. Part 1.
Ingited by Hell
Ye Might Say
The Secret Words
Jesus Our Intercesor. part 3
Jesus Our Intercesor. part 2
Jesus Our Intercesor. part 1
God is not Mocked
Accountability for Knowledge
True Love
Purify Yourself
What I'm, What I Have, What I Can Do
Scratch My Lust
These feet are made for treading
The Name
Confidence Keys
Mounting Up
The Praise Cure
Our Weapon Of Praise
Why Praise and Worship
Series Doors: Many Adversaries
Series Doors: Staying With The Stuff
Series: Doors. "Door Openers"
Series Doors. "Door of Revelation"
Series: Doors. "Greatest Door Of Healing"
Series: Doors. "Doors open or closed?"
Series: Doors. "Doors of Prosperity"
Series Doors: "The Windows of Heaven Are Open"
Even So Send I You
Let There Be
Hear & Be Healed
Balance or Limiting God
To Usward Who believe
Straight From The Mouth of Jesus
With Sovereignty We Demans
Uncompromisingly Righteous In Authority
  Get Out Of my Garden
  Uncompromisingly Righteous In Authority
  The Way it all began IS the way it IS supposed to be Right Now
  How Does Faith Come
  The Voice of Warning
  Exercising Godliness pt2
  Exercising Godliness pt1
  The Last Sign
  How shall the ark come to me?
  The Way it all began IS the way it IS supposed to be Right Now
  How Does Faith Come
  The Voice of Warning
  Exercising Godliness pt2
  Exercising Godliness pt1
  The Last Sign
  A new Beginning
  Serie: Prosperity in difficult Times
"Good or Bad Management"
  Serie: How To
"Follow the cloud"
  Serie: How to "Rest in adversity"
  7 steps to appropriate our blessings
  How to appropriate the blessings
  The Same Jesus
  Failing The Test
And The Word was Made Flesh
The voice of faith
The two operating Systems
Understanding The Fight
Real faith Part II.
Real Faith part I.
Raise The Standard
Ponder & Prosper With Wisdom
Faith - A bed of roses
Are we profitable
A Change A New Emphasis
Empty Of Love
Praying with your whole heart
I’m Making My Stand
Why don’t we have it?
How to be strong in the Lord. Part II
How to be strong in the Lord. Part I
No adversary to defeat,
No enemy to conquer,
No war to be won
Are you wrestling or resting?
What to do after Deliverance
True Spiritual Warfare
Deal With the Spirit First
A table in the valley of death
A trail of victories
Who are you listening to?
Buried anointing
The Anointing of the believer
Peculiar Anointing
Avoiding seduction
Never Accept a No-Win Scenario
Victory Because of the anointing
My Father Business
Giving God What He Wants
The Inward Witness
The Word Only
God Kind of faith pt3 “Believing in the unseen”
God Kind of faith pt2 "Start where you are"
God Kind of faith pt1
Dominion Over All He Owns
The Assay
Where it all begins
Proper Attitude to Prosperity
Key to Divine Wealth
Your Vision, Their Vision or His Vision only one will succeed
Our New Financial Partner
Peace - Promotion - Prosperity
"The Believer’s Battle Stance"
Get a new attitude and get blessed
Santified Vessels
One new men
The road to sanctification
Renew minds and submitted bodies
Wrong thinking opens the door
One thing is needful
The Greatest need of the church
"Don’t forget to save your soul"
A New Image "A Miracle Machine"
A New Image "Under my Feet"
A New Image "Ye Were"
A New Image "Seated"
Bounce back
Pregnant First
Stagger Not
Always see the answer
Make No Provision For The Flesh
You Had Better Not Doubt Pt.2
You Had Better Not Doubt Pt.1
Keep the Shield of Faith Up
How to fight the good fight pt3
How to fight the good fight pt2
7 Steps to the good fight pt1
It's His Way or the Highway
The Bold Testimony of the Redeemed
Strong & Doing Exploits
End Time Faith example
Undeniable Signs
Purpose of confession
Faith Has Come
Key to health and healing
Faith In Tormentors
Faith for Perilous Times
The days of Noah
The Time of our departure
The Two Appearings
Be ye ready
True worship and reverence
Substituting brass for gold
How to hear & recognize the voice of God
7 Reason to speak in tongues
Failure to get God's plan
Time Of Train
Instability In Midst of Crisis
Carefulness, False conclusion & Staggering.
1. The Conclusion 2. Man’s Tradition 3. Staggering
Angering God & Being Disqualified
Try Thanksgiving
Identifying & Overcoming Unbelief
Rewards Of Confidence
Three types of offenses
The Battle has been Won
An Immutable Covenant
From Lodebar to the Palace.
Taking our place in Him
All the lost years God will repay
"Satan Remember this day, it will cost you"
"Wake Up People II"
"Wake up people"
"A Manual for Living"
"Courage in Him"
Things we do not pray for
In Him, we move and have our being
Facts Of God's Word
Outside of the Sanctuary
Perfect will vs Permissive will
How To Make The devil Obey You
Defining our time
Indestructible Church
Living holy in lawless times
Restoring our brother. Part 1 "6 Keys to purity"
Restoring our brother. Part 2 "7 points to restoration"
You Doubted
Closing the Deal - I Will Resist Fear - I Will Yield to Obedience
How to Use Worldly Wealth
The Ritual for Giving
Seed Potential
The Measure
Releasing 5 Keys to the Kingdom
The Shadow Says: "No Poor Among You"
Potiphar Principle
Wealth Without Works
Your Exceeding Great Reward
Face No Giant. No Promised Land
Moving out of the Wilderness by Facing the Wall of Our Greatest Fears & Excuses
Living in the Wilderness
A Spiritual Adult Worshiping God
On the Road to Taking It Back
Law of Retribution Pt. 2
Law of Retribution Pt.1
Taking it Back
Jesus Faith
Jesus Faith What is it?
Jesus Faith What is it? Pt. 2
Jesus Faith What is it? Pt. 3
Jesus Faith What is it? Pt. 4
Jesus Faith How Do We Get It?
Jesus Faith Hearing the Right Words
Jesus Faith Seed Time - Planting Time
Grace Grace: Pt. 1
Grace Grace: Pt. 2
Grace The Blessing of Abraham
Grace Grace Versus Legalism
Grace Called Unto Liberty
What & Who Must Submit To You
How Jesus Solved The Sin Problem
What Have We Done With Love?
Submitting to God's Perpetual Will
A Life Of Submission
Miracle Service
Keys to the Books of Acts: The Name
Keys to the Books of Acts: Full of the Holy Ghost
The Pattern "The Word"
Keys To The Book of Acts: "The Word"
Our Pattern
Taking Charge Of Your Day Part.2
Taking Charge Of Your Day Part.1
It Came to Pass
Unqualified Committment To The Word
Mounting Up For an Offensive
Revelation Faith
Worthless or Worthy
The Process
Only Foundation For Faith-Integrity
How to Make Our Prayer Effectual
How to Make Our Prayer Effectual: Fervent Prayer
How to Make Our Prayer Effectual: How Christains Can help Further Revival Further
How to Make Our Prayer Effectual: How Christians Can help Further Revival Pt. 2
How to Make Our Prayer Effectual: How Christains Can help Further Revival Pt. 3
How to Make Our Prayer Effectual: How Christains Can help Further Revival Pt. 4
Five Steps to Revival
No Revival Without the Holy Spirit
No Revival Without Faith 1
No Revival Without Faith 2
No Revival Without Faith 3
Holy Spirit: Another Comforter
Sunday Morning Service
The Real Good Samaritian
The Comforter: Pouring in the Oil
The Comforter: Filled with Oil
Holy Spirit: Tongues & Power
Contending for the Faith


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